John Deere 6 Series Tractors

The John Deere 6 Series tractor fulfills all the requirements of the perfect mid range machine. The 6 Series represents incredible versatility and the 6MC/RC squeeze the capabilities of bigger tractors into a more maneuverable formats.
Proof that to be great you don’t have to be big.

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6MC - 6RC

Moving up a notch from the 5M the John Deere 6MC Series and 6RC Series provide manoeuvrability combined with a stronger and more versatile design. Working in confined spaces has never been easy, and without the right equipment it’s close to impossible. The 6MC tractors perform brilliantly in and around smaller farm buildings, farmyards, and awkward locations. Their compact footprint and short wheelbase (2400 mm) with a tight turning radius make these tractors manoeuvrable and agile.

Take a load off

Front loader work comes naturally to 6MC tractors. They have a built-in advantage over their competitors: the John Deere full frame design. This allows you to use larger loader and ancilliaries with confidence. This all makes for a tractor which is ideal for the larger livestock farmer  requiring added grunt for heavier duty farmyard operations as well as being a capable field tractor.

The 6RC Series

The 6RC Series are the premium brothers of the 6MC Series offering you more performance – on road and off – plus enhanced lifting capabilities, the premium 6RC Series are the tractor of choice. They have all the qualities of the 6MC tractors, but can be specified with more powerful and sophisticated systems and equipment.

  • 6MC Series: 66-81 kW (90-110hp)
  • 6RC Series: 74-88 kW (100-120hp)


New for 2014/15 - The 6M & 6R Series


To help you achieve more every day, our 6M Series tractors have been engineered to give you great performance in the fields and on the road. They have all the quality, strength and reliability that you expect from John Deere, plus new innovative features making them more versatile, powerful and efficient than ever before.

The achiever
The John Deere 6M Series has been designed to be your trustworthy partner for all aspects of your agricultural business. Whatever your goals, your 6M tractor will help you achieve them all with ease, day after day.

Brawn with brains
Your 6M tractor has all the strength you need, and the control technology to manage it perfectly. Power comes from an optimized range of high-efficiency PowerTech PVX engines, and there is a new “top of the line” model, the 6170M with 170hp max. power (97/68EC).

The 6R

Like any true athlete, our new 6R tractors have the capability to perform successfully, even in conditions that are far from ideal. They are engineered to meet the diverse challenges provided by terrain, prevailing conditions and operational windows.

For larger farms look no further than the 6R series Like any true athlete, our new 6R tractors have the capability to perform successfully, even in conditions that are far from ideal.

The entry level 6105R features   

  • Premium CommandView II cab
  • Superb front axle and cab suspension
  • 4.5 l “DieselOnly” PowerTech PVX engine
  • Full Frame design, 2.580 m wheelbase

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