John Deere 5 Series tractors

If you thought John Deere performance was only for big operators, you’ll be pleased to discover that the 5 Series caters for smaller farmers, but don't be fooled into thinking this is in any way a small tractor.

Versatile and manoeuvrable yes! but the 5 Series packs all the punch of a John Deere engineered for hard use on any farm where tight manoeuvring is needed. From the amazing entry level 5E through to the punchy 5115M the 5 Series has your name on it. With its new line-up of entry level tractors, John Deere is addressing the needs of the small-scale farming sector. This means livestock and mixed farms to speciality crop producers and even part-time farmers.

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Experience the 5E - Small really is beautiful


Designed primarily for use on smaller livestock farms, John Deere’s 5E Series three-cylinder tractors (55, 65 and 75hp) are also suited for municipal and landscaping applications. They will continue to be powered by Stage III-A engines for 2014. By contrast, the new larger four-cylinder 85 and 95hp versions will feature Stage III-B diesel-only Powertech engine technology.

  • Performance – 2.9 litre 3-cylinder Powertech-M Engine with turbocharger and charge air cooler
  • Versatility – 9 forward and 3 reverse speeds, choice of 40kw (55hp), 48kw (65hp) or 55kW (75hp) with 540 Standard & Economy PTO in base (all models)
  • Heavy lift capacity – up to 1.8 tonnes
  • Perfect turning radius and joystick operation for comfortable loader work

5M Series: 51 – 74kW (70 – 100hp)

Loading and unloading round bales, mucking out, reversing in tight and awkward spaces – the nimble and agile 5M tractors are made for this sort of work and the 5M offers more choices than ever before.
Choose between extra-large comfort cab or open station. There’s a low roof version ideal for your low stables or barns. There is even an attractively priced 3-cylinder entry-level model.   

With a short wheelbase and a turning circle of just 4.6 metres, the 5M really shines when working in tight stables or on narrow fields with frequent turns. The ease and manoeuvrability of these compact tractors puts other, larger machines in the shade. The power-reverser makes it all a breeze for you too.

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