John Deere Mowers

These mowers combine low operating costs with the ultimate in reliability to ensure they meet your requirements whatever the size of your operation. Field performance is unbeatable even in heavy and wet crops, and high working speeds.

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Mower Conditioners

Tight schedules. Unpredictable weather. The two most important challenges every farmer or contractor faces. John Deere’s range of 14 high-quality mower conditioners takes away the uncertainty.

  • Uncompromising build quality and high performance cutting
  • High performance conditioning system
  • Faster drying, saving you time and lowering your fuel costs

Whatever your farm, whatever your business, you’ll find a mower-conditioner to meet your needs. At Smithfield Tractors we particularly like the following models.

Rear Single 324/328A/3331

These rear mounted mower conditioners are a proven, heavy-duty design. The 324A, 328A and 331 MoCos feature a pivot frame that follows the contour of your field for a consistent cut and smooth ride. The trapezium based breakaway system protects the MoCo from wear and damage caused by obstacles in the field.

Trailed: side-pull 1355/1365

If reliability is your number one priority, you can’t beat a classic John Deere side-pull mower conditioner. The 1355 and 1365 MoCo are solidly built and have an excellent reputation and resale value.


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